Saturday, October 25, 2008

Expensive Dinner

This is the place where we ate our dinner in the center of Stockholm, Sweden. The name of the restaurant is Stockholm Fisk. It was nice presentation and good food except it was a bit expensive. We can still afford it but compare to regular restaurant, it is the most expensive restaurant we've been to.

This was the meal I ordered, forgot the name but it has salmon, mussels and curry sauce.

This was for my husband, I also don't know the name of it but this was their special meal for that night we were there. Salmon and pasta with boiled potato and lemon.

This was my daughters', fried herring with mashed potato. I remember because I ended up eating it. My daughter couldn't eat it because it has fish bones and my first time I've seen fatty fish. I loved the mashed potato though...
Salmon is the specialty in Sweden. At least next time we go back in Stockholm, we know that we won't order that meal again.
Have A Nice weekend to y'all.........

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