Thursday, June 4, 2009


"Cambridge University"

"Westminster Abbey"

These photos were taken during our trip in United Kingdom or England. We spent our Christmas and New Year with the help of my sister in-law. She is station in Lakenheath, England. She showed us how beautiful London is. We did enjoy our stays there.

Have a nice day...

Monday, June 1, 2009

Beautiful Flowers

"Apricot Parrot"


These are my favorite flowers during our trip in Keukenhof, Holland last year. April is the best time to go to Holland because it's tulips season. You will find all sort of tulips and flowers. During that time, you will also see what they call it carpet flower. On the farm, they planted different kind of flowers with different colors. It was beautiful....I even bought some tulips there (Holland) on the way home but I was disappointed because they don't sell the one I want. I still bought different kind but it was small not like the one you see on Keukenhof Garden. The only thing it was worth it to buy was the Dahlia and I planted in front of our yard. Just one Dahlia, it grew a lot of flowers. I've learned that Dahlia doesn't grow all year long, once it died during winter, it won't grow anymore.