Monday, May 25, 2009


This is the Notre Dame Cathedral in Luxembourg, nothing alike in France. When we went inside, it was small. We stayed inside for less than 15 minutes after I took some pictures. It was hot and sunny day when we were there so we didn't really stay long (Luxembourg) because the heat was draining my energy. This photo was our second trip because our first one, I deleted my pictures accidentally. It was excited when it was your first timer in a place you haven't been but if the place wasn't that good you don't want to go back. Since I don't have any pictures, I forced my husband to drive to go back in a boring country just to have another boring photos! That's my opinion only!!!!

Have a nice day to y'all....

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Stockholm, Sweden

My daughter{Leera}, my cousin's wife{Krystel} and me posing inside the Vasa Museum in Stockholm, Sweden. Sweden is very nice country and courteous people. I missed our trip in Sweden and hopefully before we go back in USA, we will see Sweden again for the last time. Staying here in Europe was the best stationed we have been. It's memorable, good and bad experience and most of all, enjoyable...Taking pictures or videos are the things you need for your trip to reminded that you have been in that places or country and you've enjoy every trips....I didn't regret staying here in Europe because not just you're having fun on your trips, I'd also met some good people and friends!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Collectable Crystals

These photos were taken last April in Innsbruck, Austria during my daughter's spring break . I took these photos because I'm a collectable person. I collected some good stuffs but these one couldn't have it because the price is way too expensive so taking these pictures just reminding me that I can't have everything I want, he he...I have been a member of Swarovski crytals since 2003 and I remembered when first time I started to collect, they only sells christmas decorations, disney characters, different kind of fishes, insects and animals. But now they expanded their imagination by doing or making more jewelry and they even have shoe and bra(???). Good thing, I didn't see any underwear??? he he...What else they could think of next??? I guess the bra is also just diplay because if they wear it, how they will wash it or maybe just one time use? ha ha ha...he he he....Remember the Victoria's Secret most expensive underwear and bra that made of diamonds? I remebered when Heide Klums wore it, did she own it or what? I told my husband if he has a million dollars and buy me that lingerie, I won't wear it because once I wear it, I won't be able to display because it's been used!!!!
Have a wonderful summer day....

Friday, May 8, 2009

Marienbrucke or Marien Bridge

Marienbrucke or Marien Bridge- As a child Crown Prince Ludwig had already grown to love the beautiful scenery of the Schwangau arca, including the dramatic waterfall in the Pollatschlucht above Neuschwanstein. This gorge with its steep rocky walls had already been "discovered" by Maximilan II's generation as a beauty spot. The wooden railings of the bridge that spans it, the Marienbrucke, were replaced by Ludwig II during the building of Neuschwantein by the present elegant, cantilever construction made of iron. "The view from up above is enchanting, especially the view from the Marienbrucke of the castle, which will far outshinc the Wartburg for all its acknowledged merits of location, architectural splendour and magnificent paintings," wrote King Ludwig II in a letter in 1881.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle- Between 1869 and 1886 King Ludwig II of Bavaria had Neuschwanstein castle built on the Swan Rock, high above the beautiful Alpsee Lake and close to the thundering waters of the 45 meter high Pollat Gorge. The castle was designed by Eduard Riedel, the stage-painter Christian Jank and the architect Georg Dollmann. With its pointed towers, tall and slender, Neuschwanstein is a fantasy realized in stone. On May 13th 1868, the 23 year old King wrote to Wagner: "I intend to rebuild the old castle ruins of Hohenschwangau by the Pollat Gorge in the genuine style of the old German knightly fortresses....the spot is one of the most beautiful that one could ever find."
The 5-story castle, built in Romanesque style using the Wartburg castle as a model, is with its many scenes from Wagner's stage-world, the embodiment of a romantic, medieval castle.
Lohengrin and Tannhauser, the Song Contest(in the Wartburg), Parzival's Grail and many other heroes and sages of the German middle ages come miraculously to life on the walls of Neuschwanstein.
On 9th June 1886 a State Commission traveled to Hohenschwangau to remove the King. 3 days later, King Ludwig II made his last journey from Neuschwanstein to Castle Berg. On 13th June, Ludwig was found drowned under mysterious circumstances in the Starnberger Lake.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Hohenschwangau Castle

This is Hohenschwangau Castle where King Ludwig II's parents live

Hohenschwangau Castle- standing on a wooded hill between two beautiful lakes-the Alpsee Lake and the Swan Lake. Hohenschwangau was originally the seat of the Lords of Schwangau in the 12th century.
Ludwig's father, Maximilan II, bought the ruins as Crown Prince in 1832 and had them rebuilt and romantically decorated by the designer and stage-painter Domenik Quaglio in the style of the middle ages.
Ludwig II spent a large part of his childhood and youth in Hohenschwangau Castle. It was here that he first came into contact with the saga of the Swan Knight Lohengrin, through the murals by Michael Neher and Lorenz Quaglio, and like his father, he came to feel a close bond to the Knights of Schwangau and their history.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Linderhof Castle

Linderhof Palace- Built according to the Baroque and Rococco styles, Linderhof Palace, also known as the "The Royal Villa", is situated in Graswang valley in the vicinity of Cloister Ettal, and the "Passion-Play Village" of Oberammergau. This relatively small but richly endowed palace is set in parkland and gardens, covering a total area of almost 200 acres which blend perfectly with the impressive mountainous landscape.

Both the palace and the park represent fine examples of the varied and diverse lifestyle of the 19th century. In the gardens are to be found examples of French, Italian, and English horticultural and landscape styles, together with buildings such as the Moorish Kiosk, the Moroccan House, the "Hunding's Hut", and the "Hermits Hut", and the world-famous Venus Grotto. The palace itself portrays a glorification of absolute monarchy. The style of the palace draws on the great epoch of the french Baroque and Rococco rulers, principally the period of Louis XIV. and Louis XV. of France.

The rich and often ornate gold and silver decorations serve as "Picture Frames" for the works of art. Pictures, mirrors, statues as well as valuable fabrics and materials compete for the attention of the visitor. The royal rooms and chambers appear as precious jewel boxes which are almost too rich and too beautiful to live in. A fitting atmosphere for "The Last True King", (Paul Verlaine). The monarch spent the last eight years of his life almost exclusively at Linderhof Palace, which was always his favourite domicile. Ludwig visited France several times, especially the Palace of Versailles, in order to find inspiration and impetus for the overall design and construction of Linderhof Palace.

Me and my family posing in front of King Ludwig's Castle the Linderhof. One of the King's favorites and finished castle.

Southern garden-area with ornamental pool