Friday, May 8, 2009

Marienbrucke or Marien Bridge

Marienbrucke or Marien Bridge- As a child Crown Prince Ludwig had already grown to love the beautiful scenery of the Schwangau arca, including the dramatic waterfall in the Pollatschlucht above Neuschwanstein. This gorge with its steep rocky walls had already been "discovered" by Maximilan II's generation as a beauty spot. The wooden railings of the bridge that spans it, the Marienbrucke, were replaced by Ludwig II during the building of Neuschwantein by the present elegant, cantilever construction made of iron. "The view from up above is enchanting, especially the view from the Marienbrucke of the castle, which will far outshinc the Wartburg for all its acknowledged merits of location, architectural splendour and magnificent paintings," wrote King Ludwig II in a letter in 1881.

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