Monday, May 11, 2009

Collectable Crystals

These photos were taken last April in Innsbruck, Austria during my daughter's spring break . I took these photos because I'm a collectable person. I collected some good stuffs but these one couldn't have it because the price is way too expensive so taking these pictures just reminding me that I can't have everything I want, he he...I have been a member of Swarovski crytals since 2003 and I remembered when first time I started to collect, they only sells christmas decorations, disney characters, different kind of fishes, insects and animals. But now they expanded their imagination by doing or making more jewelry and they even have shoe and bra(???). Good thing, I didn't see any underwear??? he he...What else they could think of next??? I guess the bra is also just diplay because if they wear it, how they will wash it or maybe just one time use? ha ha ha...he he he....Remember the Victoria's Secret most expensive underwear and bra that made of diamonds? I remebered when Heide Klums wore it, did she own it or what? I told my husband if he has a million dollars and buy me that lingerie, I won't wear it because once I wear it, I won't be able to display because it's been used!!!!
Have a wonderful summer day....