Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saint-'Etienne's Cathedral

The Choir
Dominated by the glorious Cross as well as the bishop's throne symbolizing the bishop's doctrinal authority, the new choir, Matia Bonetti's work, was consecrated on Dec. 17th 2006. It's an open space where God makes himself near, where he can be listened to , met, touched and received.

Here, every Sunday, "the mass of all centuries is said on the two tables": at the ambo that of the word and at the altar that of Eucharistie, the source and the summit of the Church's life.

In the upper choir the beautiful stalls made by the cabinet maker and sculptor Theophile Klem (Colmar 1914) remind that the canons have the responsibility of the sanctuary. En semaine, at 8.40 they celebrate the Service asking people to pray with them while offering :all that is going to come to life or die under the rising sun" (Teilhard de Chardin)

Saint-'Etienne's Cathedral-built from 1220 to 1520. Saint-'Etienne's Cathedral, with its magnificent 13th to 20thC stained glass (Chagall...), towers above the city. Its 140 ft-high Gothic nave is one of the most impressive of its kind in the world.

Extraordinary Tales & Legends

A pact with the devil-the architect, Peirre Perrat, was said to have entered into a pact with the devil to solve the problems he was having in building the Cathedral. But, as a subtle and wily man, the architect succeeded in outwitting the devil and save his soul.

Graoully- a cruel dragon, Graoully, terrified the people of Metz until Saint Clement trapped it with his stole and drowned it.

Saint Nicolas- Saint Nicolas, patron saint of Lorraine, brought three children back to life after they had been chopped into bits by a horrible butcher. Saint Nicolas' Day procession opens the end of year celebrations with a distribution of sweets.

Easter Day- on Easter Day, a rabbit hides chocolate eggs in the gardens of the town to the delight of the children who go searching for them.

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