Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Break

This is how we spent my daughter's Spring Break by going in a trip in Europa Park. This was my daughter's second trip and my 1st with my sister in-law and her daughter. At first, I don't want to go because I'm afraid of heights but my sister in-law convinced me and told me that I don't have to take the rides if I don't want to. But when we got there, I saw the rides were not that bad so I decided to go with them on the rides. First rides were the one inside the globe named Euro Sat, it was dark and you can't see anything but you can feel it that you are going up. Once you get to the top (still dark), you'll hear count down, then the rides starts moving. It surprises me because I was not expecting the rides like that. It was still dark so I closed my eyes the whole time while the rides were moving but I can still feel it though and it was going fast with unexpected turn and with my surprise, there were different lights while we are going down. I didn't know because my eyes were closed. We want to go back but the lines were very long and we don't want to waste any of our time for just one ride so we moved on to the next rides. We are not the one who’s making decision what’s next ride to take because these are the kid’s spring break so we are just following them. On the next rides, we are all together on the line but when we get there to get our seats for the ride, we got separated. We decided to split since the kids were interested on riding all the rides they could, we (adults) decided to see the shows instead.

We enjoyed watching the shows (I wish I brought my video camera instead of digital camera). When we and the kids were separated, first, we watched “The Duel of the Brother” (Spain Arena). It does about the horses nervously paw the sand in the arena with their hooves. The actors don their armour, become one with their respective roles, their concentration focused on the spectacular stunts, their weapons and shields ready to hand. The fight between good and evil can begin. The second show we saw was “The Ice Show” (Greece territory). It’s a Greek ice stadium is transformed into a palace of artistry; join the Europa-Park skaters on a dream trip through different dimensions. Experience the thrill of dynamic ice dances, acrobatic handstands, spectacular stunts on the ice and artistic gyrations above your head to the sound of live singing. Lastly, we saw “The Magia or Magic Cinema 4D” (Italian territory). It’s about cards change hands at lightning speed, birds glide weightlessly through space. The air is vibrant with magic. This composition of comedy, acrobatics and dance will enchant you, illusion or reality?

On my next blog, I will post some photos we watched. We really had a good time and when time will permit, we will go back there. This time we will take the car instead taking the bus. Have a wonderful day.....

Poseidon rides

The first ride we took named Euro Sat...

Me posing behind the Easter eggs decoration.

My daughter Leera

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