Saturday, November 1, 2008

Icebar Stockholm

I was psoing holding the huge glass that made of ice outside the hotel we stayed in.

Me and my cousin's wife (Krystel) with the bartender in Absolut Ice Bar.

Krystel, Me, my husband Mario and my cousin Lester drinking with Absolut Icebar Stockholm and Absolut Mountain Aven. The Absolut Icebar Stockholm is made of mixed Absolut APeach, Pineapple juice, Orange juice and Blue Curacao Syrup. The Absolut Mountain Aven is made of mixed of Absolut Pears, Pineapple juce, Elder flower juice and a hint of lemon.The glasses, tables, chairs, and the walls are made of ice. The temperature is below zero degrees, that's why we all wearing their special jackets with gloves. On my next blog, I will post how to make the drinks we drank that made from Absolut.
Have a wonderful day to y'all....

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