Thursday, November 6, 2008

Waffle with ice cream

Hmmmm, yummy.....famous waffle with ice cream in Brussel, Belgium.

Food and Drink- surrounded by other countries known for their haute cuisine, Belgium has managed to create a cuisine that is unmistakably its own. Tomates aux crevettes, tomatoes stuffed with shrimp, is a gustatory delight. Witloof, or chicory, garnishes a number of main dishes. The sandy Mechelen region produces wonderful asparagus; ham comes from the Ardennes. Mussels are especially good in Brussels and on the coast; in Namur fried eel is a local treat. Many varieties of boudin, or sausage, are always available. Seafood specialties such as crayfish, lobster, filet of sole and waterzooi- fish or chicken stew- are invariably delicious. Frites, or fried potatoes, are a nationalfavorite. Those with a sweet tooth can enjoy a variety of cakes, chocolates, waffles and typical biscuits such as apeculoos. Belgium also offers about 400 varieties of beer and nearly 200 types of genievre, or gin.

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