Monday, January 12, 2009

New Year with New Change!

Hello my fellow bloggers, friends and family....its 2009, New Year with new attitude, new life and hopefully new change! I have lots of photos to share with you after spending our holidays in England for 10 days with the help of my sister in-law. She showed us the nice and full of histories place in England. Too many histories I don't know where to start. We enjoyed our trip there with the cooperation of sunshine. It was sunshine the whole time we were there except 1 day experienced of light shower and 1 day bitterly cold weather. We didn’t waste any time or days staying home except the 24th of December, my husband and my daughter got sick. The next day, they were feeling a lot better so we started to visit the beautiful England. The first place we visited and saw was the England’s landmark “The Stonehenge” or hanging stone. Some people believe that the Stonehenge was made by aliens but I believe it was human. Remember the Pyramid in Egypt??? It took a long time to build it by human with the help of animals like Elephants and Camels but they did finish it. You could be the judge once you see it in person.

Stonehenge is the most outstanding prehistoric monument in the British Isles and is a World Heritage Site. It’s set in the middle of Salisbury Plain. It was started 5,000 years ago and remodeled several times in the following 1500 years. The encircling ditch, bank, and “Aubrey Hole” belong to the late Neolithic period. Great Sarcen Stones (huge sandstone boulders) were dragged from the Marlbrough Downs, twenty miles north, and erected as they are today-in an outer ring with lintels, and inner horseshoe of five pairs of uprights with lintels.

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