Monday, September 15, 2008

Bad Durkheim, Germany

Hi! Everyone…I was sooo exhausted last Saturday and Sunday because we went to the wine fest. The fest started last Friday thru the 16th of September in Bad Durkheim. Germany. It was raining when we got there but later afternoon, the rain stops! They have carnival rides for kids and adults. We even rode one of their rides but the rests are scary for me to ride because I am afraid of heights! They also have different food booths and we tried their delicious bratwurst (the best sausage I’ve ever ate!). Lots of games and we won few stuff toys for my daughter. And of course, the WINES!!! You can see all kinds of wines in Bad Durkheim. Americans love to visit Bad Durkheim because of their finest and affordable wine. They said that the wine fest was the biggest and longest fest here in Germany. I think there’s a celebrity host that visited the fest because people were so excited and there’s some polizei (police). We haven’t had a chance to see that celebrity because it was too crowded. Plus, even if we see that person, we wouldn’t know who it was coz it’s a German celebrity. Guess what??? Not a single of them was screaming but they were excited to take pictures and videos. We had a great and wonderful weekend!!! How about you???

Have A Nice Day….

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